Astronomical Observations in Spain


    IN the issue for 1944 of the Boletin Astronómico Del Observatorio De Madrid, E. Gullón supplies a résumé of the observations of solar prominences during September–December 1939. Owing to the removal of certain equipment from Valencia to Madrid and to other causes, observations could not commence before September 1. Sunspot observations during the same period were made by E. Gullón and Martín Lorón with the 20-cm. Grubb equatorial, and the results are shown on pages 14–16. Solar prominences during 1940 were observed by E. Gullón and the results are given in the same form as those observed during 1939. The last section of the bulletin deals with sunspot observations carried out by E. Gullón and Martín Lorón at Madrid and Valencia in 1940. Those at Madrid were made by means of a Herschel helioscope mounted on the 20-cm. Grubb equatorial, focal length 3 m., and those at Valencia were made with another equipment of a similar type on the 15-cm. Grubb, and with a focal length 2.20 m.

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