Indian Woods for Textile and Jute Mill Accessories


    IN Indian Forest Bulletins Nos. 121 and 122 (1943) (Forest Research Laboratory, Dehra Dun) substitutes are proposed for imported cotton mill shuttles, bobbins, etc. In Bulletin No. 121, by M. A. Rehman, the results of tests carried out at the Research Institute, Dehra Dun, on the suitability of Indian timbers for cotton mill shuttles for power looms, to replace cornel and persimmon ones imported from America, are described. A large number of timbers considered suitable for their known characteristics were tested. After elimination, the seasoned and selected blanks of woods which appeared promising were sent out for manufacturing trials. The finished shuttles were then tested in weaving mills under factory conditions. Results have shown that the light-coloured sapwood of Diospyros melanoxylon or ebony is the best Indian timber so far tested for shuttles. It gives about 50 per cent of the life of imported timber. Other species mentioned in the Bulletin are being used in parts of India where the particular timbers are more easily obtainable.

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