The Social Psychology of Education


AN interesting trend in modern education is the declining concern with mere formal aspects of the mind, with attention, memory, reasoning, judgment and so forth. This has yielded to a new emphasis upon the child or pupil as a personality, as a social organism, as a member of diverse groups. The child's cognitive equipment is now seen in better perspective against his personal and home background, his emotions, attitudes, incentives and social orientation. Education ceases to be a study of rational faculties occasionally and accidentally disturbed by errors or by the vagaries of temperament. Perhaps the chief merit of Dr. Fleming's book lies in bringing home to the reader this change in education from being a cold, academic exercise to becoming a realistic guide in meeting the emotional, intellectual and social problems of the developing child and continually adjusting adult. Gently taking the teacher by the hand, Dr. Fleming leads him from his pedestal and shows him how to mingle easily among those he seeks to educate; the reciprocal influences between teacher and taught are now brought into fresh focus. The author's exposition is not, however, confined to the class-room. Wherever educative processes are discernible, at home, in office or factory, in clubs or institutions, the common principles of interpersonal relations are shown to be active between the educator and his charge.

The Social Psychology of Education

An Introduction and Guide to its Study. By Dr. C. M. Fleming. (International Library of Sociology and Social Reconstruction.) Pp. viii + 110. (London: Kegan Paul and Co., Ltd., 1944.) 7s. 6d. net.

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