X-Irradiation of Rabbit Spermatozoa in vitro


THE classic experiments of Hertwig on the X-irradiation of frog spermatozoa were recently extended by Rugh1, who reported that exposure of the spermatozoa to doses from 15 r. to 10,000 r. caused a progressive increase in embryonic mortality ; at the higher dosage only 1.6 per cent of the embryos hatched. Further increase of the dosage, however, increased the number of viable embryos ; at 50,000 r., 90.5 per cent hatched. These embryos were morphologically uniform and very similar to haploids produced by other means. Rugh concluded that with the higher doses the spermatozoa, which showed normal motility, were able to penetrate the egg, but were unable to effect syngamy, so that the development initiated was parthenogenetic.

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