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A New X-Ray Photographic Paper

Nature volume 150, page 88 (18 July 1942) | Download Citation



MESSBS. ILFOKD, LTD., have recently placed on the market, under the name 'Kryptoscreen', a new X-ray paper incorporating its own intensifying screen. Underneath the sensitive emulsion is a layer of extremely fine white pigment which fluoresces under the influence of X-rays. The blue-violet light emitted shortens exposure times and much improves the gradation of radiographs made on the paper. The search for a cheap fluorescent material which neither lowers the sensitivity of the photographic emulsion nor impairs definition has been carried on for many years by the Ilford Research Laboratories. The resulting product provides an economical substitute for film in the radiography of fractures of the extremities and in certain types of industrial radiography. The same fluorescing material has been used to make a 'Brytex Intensifying Leaf of exceedingly fine grain and medium intensification factor. When both screen and paper are used together, a reduction in exposure to one third of that needed by Kryptoscreen paper alone is possible without any loss of definition.

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