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Dinosaur Find at Washington, D. C

Nature volume 150, page 54 (11 July 1942) | Download Citation



IT is stated by Science Service, of Washington, D.C., that the broken upper part of a saurian thighbone has been found in a new excavation being made for the D.C. filtration plant at Washington. The bone was identified as belonging to one of the sauropod group of dinosaurs by Dr. C. W. Cilmore, curator of vertebrate palæontology at the U. S. National Museum. Two finds of dinosaur bones have previously been made in Washington ; they were of rather fragmentary fossils. Judging from the size of the present find, Dr. Gilmore said, the original animal was about ten feet high at the hips and fifty or sixty feet long, weighing approximately ten tons. Apparently, from the geological evidence, it was trapped in a small pond or mudhole and so perished. These creatures lived during the Cretaceous, about 150 million years ago.

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