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The United States and the War

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    WRITTEN before the United States entered the War “The Arsenal of Democracy”(Oxford Pamphlets on World Affairs, No. 53. London: Oxford University Press. 4d. net) still gives a pertinent account of the economic contribution of the United States towards the defeat of the Axis powers. After describing the movement of American opinion towards aid to Britain and her Allies, and the successive stages of American action before and after the passage of the Lease-Lend Act, Mr. A. J. Brown discusses the war-potential of the United States and its mobilization. His pamphlet gives a lucid account of the problems of the transfer of a peace-time economy to a war-footing and, if supplemented by current articles of the type appearing in recent issues of Fortune, should enable the reader to assess reasonably the significance of the bottlenecks of machine tools, skilled labour and raw materials. The labour and administrative problems are clearly displayed and the American contribution in shipbuilding, aircraft production and other supplies is fairly indicated; there is a useful appraisal of the relative strength of Great Britain, the United States and the U.S.S.R. in comparison with the Axis powers and with special reference to the time factor.

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