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Historical Medicine and Science

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    SCHUMAN'S, of 30 East 70th Street, New York, have sent us their latest catalogue entitled “Medical Miscellany, List 'D',” containing an annotated list of rare books and first editions of works on historical medicine and science. In a special section on war medicine are listed the “Opera omnia mediea et chirurgica”of Botallo (1660), James Handley's 'Colloquia Chirurgica“(1705), Thomas Trotter's “Observations on the Scurvy” (1792), George Guth-rie's treatise on “Gun-shot wounds”(1815), and William Braisted's “Report on the Japanese and Russian Medical Organization in the Russo-Japanese War”(1906) among many others. Mention may also be made of Pico della Mirandola's “Opera Omnia”(1506), the third Latin translation of Rhazes' works (1510), Thomas Willis's “De anima brutorum”(1672), Astruc's “De morbis venereis”(1740), David Brew-ster's “Treatise on the Kaleidoscope”(1819), Johannes Mueller's “Handbuch der Physiologic des Menschen”(1835-40), Cockayne's “Leechaoms, Wortconning and Starcraft of Early England”(1864-66), Allbutt's work on “The Use of the Ophthalmoscope”(1817), and Haeser's “Lehrbuch der Geschichte derMedicin'”(1875-82).

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