SOME preliminary accounts of the important discoveries of the United States Antarctic Expedition, 1939–41, under Rear–Admiral R. E. Byrd, are published in the Geographical Review of July, in an article by Lieut.–Commander R. A. J. English, U.S.N. The vessels,of the expedition, North Star and Bear, reached the Bay of Whales on the Ross Ice Barrier on January 11,1940. A base to accommodate thirty–seven men was set up on the barrier within a few miles of Admiral Byrd's old base of Little America. The North Star then left to establish the east base for sixteen men in Marguerite Bay on the west coast of southern Graham Land. There she was joined by the Bear and when the unloading was completed the two vessels left for the United States not to return until the early months of 1941, when both bases were evacuated and the whole expedition left for home.

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BROWN, R. ANTARCTIC DISCOVERIES. Nature 148, 377–378 (1941).

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