Hermann Nothnagel (1841–1905)


    PROF. HERMANN NOTHNAGEL, one of the most eminent research workers and clinicians in the second half of the nineteenth century, was born at Alt–Lietzgöriche in Brandenburg on September 28, 1941, the son of a medical man. After holding the chair of pharmacology at Freiburg in 1872 and that of special pathology and therapeutics at Jena in 1874, he was appointed professor of medicine at Vienna in 1883, and held this post until his death. Besides numerous valuable publications on neurology and pharmacology, many of which were translated into English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Polish, he edited a system of special pathology and treatment in twenty–four volumes (1894—1905), to which he contributed a classical monograph on diseases of the intestine and periton um. In conjunction with von Leyden he founded the Zeitschrift jür Klinische Medizin in 1880, and was the founder and first president of the Vienna Society for Internal Medicine. He died on July 7, 1905.

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