Comet Okabayasi–Honda (1940e)


    IN NATURE of March 29, p. 387, a note about this comet appeared, and it was stated that it was discovered at Tokyo on October 4, 1940. Dr. Issei Yamamoto has pointed out that an error has occurred regarding the place of discovery. Okabayasi is at Kurasiki Observatory, which is under the direction of Yamamoto, and early in the morning of September 30 he discovered the object in Leo, suspecting its cometary character at the time, though he was not able to confirm its motion until October 4. Honda is at the Zodiacal Light Station at Seto, Hirosimaken, also under the supervision of Yamamoto, and independently discovered the comet on October 4. From his long experience as an observer he was immediately convinced that it was a comet and reported his discovery to Yamamoto, who met both observers at Kurasiki on October 5 and cabled to Copenhagen. A telegraphic announcement was also made from Tokyo Observatory, and it is possible that some confusion was caused by this. It is very satisfactory to know that the Astronomical Society of the Pacific has awarded the Donohoe Medal to both discoverers.

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