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    THE British Council, at the suggestion of its Science Committee, has decided to issue a monthly broadsheet surveying scientific developments in popular terms. The broadsheet is being edited by Mr. J. G. Crowther, secretary of the Science Committee, whose name will be sufficient guarantee that the material presented will be both accurate and readable. The first issue is dated August, and contains paragraphs on the distance of the earth from the sun, a new breed of chicken in which sex is determinable at a day old, barrenness of fruit trees, the two types of diamond disclosed by X–ray examination, the hardening of insect cuticle, and measurement of the temperature of liquid steel. The Press is invited to reproduce any of the material without fee subject to acknowledgment by the initials MSN.

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    Monthly Science News (M S N). Nature 148, 283 (1941) doi:10.1038/148283b0

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