Prof. Olof Hammarsten (1841–1932)

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    PROF. OLOF HAMMARSTEN, the celebrated Swedish biochemist, was born at Norrkoping in Sweden on August 21, 1841. He received his medical education at Uppsala, where he qualified in 1869, and was assistant at the laboratory for clinical chemistry and the physiological institute. In 1877 he was appointed extraordinary professor of physiology at Uppsala, where he became professor of medical and physiological chemistry in 1883; he held this post until his retirement in 1906. His chief work was his text–book on physiological chemistry, which for many years stood almost alone as a work of reference and was translated into several foreign languages. He had previously won a high reputation by numerous contributions to biochemistry, including the milk–curdling properties of gastric juice, the behaviour of rennin, the role of calcium in the clotting of milk and blood, the proteins of the blood and the mucous substances in the bile. In 1906 he was the recipient of a Festschrift which contained a bibliography of his writings up to 1905. He died on September 21, 1932.

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