Dr. C. G. Lamb


WE regret to record the death of Dr. Charles George Lamb, emeritus reader in electrical engineering in the University of Cambridge, on May 4. Born in 1867, Lamb originally wished to become a professional musician; when the early death of his father made this impracticable, he went to the University of London, where he attended courses on zoology, and for a time contemplated a medical career; but he ultimately decided to study electrical engineering at the City and Guilds College, where as a student he helped to test the first alternating current transformer that was brought to Great Britain. After graduating, Lamb went to Cambridge in 1891 to assist the late Sir Alfred Ewing in his researches on the magnetic properties of iron; in the same year he was appointed University demonstrator, in mechanism and applied mechanics', a post which he held until he was appointed University lecturer in electrical engineering in 1903.


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