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APART from the many excellent brochures issued by the leading makers of modern calculating machines, there is very little scientific literature on the subject. This is somewhat strange in view of the increasing use made of these machines in present-day business houses, coupled with the fact that probably the first adding machine was exhibited so early as 1884. The present manual will therefore be welcomed by all who wish to know something authentic about modern machine calculation. Mr. Sabielny's original text was published by Aktie-bolaget Facit, Atvidaberg, Sweden, by whom the Scientific Computing Service, Ltd., under the direction of Dr. L. J. Comrie, was requested to prepare an edition suitable for use in English-speaking countries. Whilst the text deals particularly with the Facit Model Lx, much of it is applicable generally to other machines of similar type.

Modern Machine Calculation with the Facit Calculating Machine Model Lx

By H. Sabielny. Translated and revised by Dr. L. J. Comrie and Dr. H. O. Hartley. Pp. 74. (London: The Scientific Computing Service, Ltd., 1939.) 5s.

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