THE methods used in experimental investigations of the eggs and spermatozoa of marine invertebrates depend very strongly on the adherence to some general rules. Some of these are set out in this little volume, which should be useful for beginners in the field of experimental embryology, and for the specialist whose work demands individual extension of methods. Whilst the techniques described apply to the gametes of American marine species, they are sufficiently general to be applicable also to the gametes of the same species, and to those of closely related species, in European waters. Dr. Just has developed his methods over a period of twenty-five years, so that the issue of this book was to be expected as a necessary supplement to his recently issued “Biology of the Cell Surface”. In no wise can ifc be claimed to be a catalogue of all methods in use, but, nevertheless, the methods described, and especially those relating to preparations of fixed tissues, should be of value to cytologists.

    Basic Methods for Experiments on Eggs of Marine Animals

    By Ernest Everett Just. Pp. x + 89. (London: The Technical Press, Ltd., 1939.) 6s. net.

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