Methoden der Virusforschung


FOR years the study of viruses was closely linked with bacteriology and mycology, descriptions of viruses occupying only minor parts of books devoted mainly to bacteria and fungi. This followed inevitably from the widely held belief that viruses differed essentially from other recognized pathogens only in size, and from the fact that they were investigated almost exclusively by a few enterprising bacteriologists and mycolo-gists. Recently, however, the outlook has changed. A growing appreciation of the economic importance and scientific interest of viruses has attracted workers in other fields, and the need for separating viruses from other pathogens has become more and more obvious. One result of this has been the increased production of books dealing exclusively with viruses, of which that under review is the fifth to appear within two years.

Methoden der Virusforschung

Von Prof. Dr. Henrique da Rocha-Lima Dr. José Reis Dr. Karl Silberschmidt. Pp. viii + 384. (Berlin und Wien: Urban und Schwarzenberg, 1939.)

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