Finland and the U.S.S.R


    HOSTILITIES between these countries have ceased, and a peace has been sgned which gives the U.S.S.R. substantial territorial gains. Finland loses much of her industrial and agricultural areas by this treaty, and nearly half a million of her population are being transferred from the ceded territory to other parts of Finland. The country has suffered a grievous blow, not through any lack of valour, but through the overwhelming military power of the U.S.S.R. Now the Finns have turned with characteristic courage and energy to the task of reconstruction. Towns and houses destroyed by aerial bombardment have to be rebuilt, new towns created for the transferred people, and the whole of the economic life of the country has to be restarted under the new conditions, while the defence of the new frontiers must also be organized. The Finns have saved their freedom, and on this the nation will rise again. The help in men, money and materials still so sorely needed will surely not be grudged by right-thinking peoples who have watched the struggle of this gallant democracy.

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