Non-Ferrous Metallic Ores


    THE Minister of Supply has appointed a departmental committee to consider whether an increased production of non-ferrous metallic ores in the United Kingdom is desirable and practicable, and to make recommendations. The members of the committee are: Sir William Larke (chairman), Dr. C. G. Cullis, Mr. Arthur Deakin, Mr. J. Stanley Holmes, M.P., and Mr. S. S. Taylor. Prof. J. A. S. Ritson, Mr. T. Eastwood, and Dr. M. Macgregor will act as assessors to the committee. The secretary of the committee, to whom all communications should be addressed, is Mr. W. C. C. Rose, Geological Survey of Great Britain, Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London, S.W.7.

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    Non-Ferrous Metallic Ores. Nature 145, 420 (1940).

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