A Preparation for the Control of Bleeding


    A FAT-SOLUBLE vitamin, known as vitamin K, is indirectly concerned with blood coagulation, will reduce the clotting time of blood in cases of prothrombin deficiency, and will check certain forms of hæmorrhage, such as occur in obstructive jaundice and occasionally in new-born babies. Vitamin K is found naturally in alfalfa and hog's liver fat, it has been isolated and its chemical composition determined. Several related but simpler compounds are known possessing a physiological action similar to the natural vitamin K, and one of these—a methyl-naphthaquinone—has been introduced for use in medicine by Glaxo Laboratories, Ltd., Greenford, Middlesex, under the name "Kapilon". Kapilon has been found to be a valuable agent for reducing bleeding in obstructive jaundice and in neo-natal hæmorrhage.

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    A Preparation for the Control of Bleeding. Nature 145, 384 (1940). https://doi.org/10.1038/145384c0

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