Problems of the Industrial Scientist


    A CONFERENCE on "The Problems of the Industrial Scientist" convened by the Association of Scientific Workers and the British Association of Chemists, will be held on March 9, commencing at 2 p.m., in the lecture hall of the Pharmaceutical Society, 17 Blooms-bury Square, W.C.1. All scientific workers and others interested are cordially invited to attend and participate. Prof. F. G. Donnan will be in the chair Mr. Hugh Linstead, of the Pharmaceutical Society, will open the proceedings with a general survey of the problems of scientific workers employed in industry. This will be followed by a series of short papers and discussions. At the conclusion of these discussions, Prof. J. D. Bernai will sum up the discussion as a whole, and the conference will then consider the possibility of adopting a 'programme' for scientific workers in industry. Similar conferences are being held at Liverpool, at 6.30 p.m., on March 4, at 5–6 Bluecoat Chambers, Liverpool, 1; Manchester, at 3.0 p.m., on March 16, in the Chemistry Lecture Theatre, the University; Birmingham, date to be announced later. Following the regional conferences, it is intended at a later iate to hold a National Conference to review the data and resolutions resulting from them, and to decide on the final form of the 'programme' and on steps to be taken to work for its acceptance. Further information can be obtained from the Secretary, Association of Scientific Workers, 30 Bedford Row, W.C.1.

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