Vitamin E


    REFERENCE was made in NATURE of December 16, 1939, p. 1008, to a solution of vitamin E now available commercially. Glaxo Laboratories Ltd. put on the market in 1933 capsules of wheat-germ oil extract (thirty times as potent in vitamin E as wheat-germ oil itself). The capsules were given the name ‘Viteolin’ in 1937. Viteolin was the preparation used by Currie and M'Gonigle in their published clinical trials which confirmed in Great Britain the value of vitamin E in the treatment of habitual abortion. With the availability of vitamin E as a chemical substance (tocopherol) each ‘Viteolin’ capsule has been standardized to contain the vitamin E potency of 6 mgm. of tocopherol, the potency clinically established as the desirable daily dosage.

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    Vitamin E. Nature 145, 345 (1940).

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