"Evidence for Transformation of Mesotrons into Electrons"


IN our note under this title published in NATURE of January 20, p. 102, we stated in reference to the cloud photographs reproduced that the faint electron track FG, leaving the end of the mesotron track "is comparable in density with the tracks of other fast particles" in the photograph. This was the case in the original negatives, in the prints submitted for publication, and in the first proofs received, except that in the latter all the tracks were fainter. However, in Fig. 1 of the published note, the track FG appears much more pronounced and thicker than in the original prints—being quite obvious while other electron tracks in the same region are scarcely detectable. A new set of blocks was made for the final publication; the Editors assure us that no part of Fig. 1 received preferential treatment and suggest that the great intensity of the track concerned may have arisen from a very favourable inclination of its direction with the mesh of the screen used in reproduction.


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WILLIAMS, E., ROBERTS, G. "Evidence for Transformation of Mesotrons into Electrons". Nature 145, 151 (1940). https://doi.org/10.1038/145151b0

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