Higher Education in Malaya


    "HIGHER EDUCATION IN MALAYA" (H.M. Stationery Office, 2s. 6d.) is a thorough and most valuable survey. It includes the whole background of teaching and adds an able summary of the resources of the country, mainly due to the rubber plant, and the variety of its population, Chinese, Indians and Malays. The last-named have only been under Western civilization for 60–70 years. They do not dwell in towns like the Chinese. Raffles College, opened in 1928, is the main centre of advanced education, and is increasingly appreciated by parents, who recognize the value of its teaching. One of the difficulties is that English is learnt as a foreign language; so that subject can scarcely be taken, as at the University of London, with Middle English and Anglo-Saxon as necessary adjuncts. It would be like studying Latin in early and medieval sources as well as Virgil and Cicero. The Commissioners urge that the standard of the London degree should be attempted and some modification of the English course allowed, tending to special knowledge of English masterpieces.

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