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    GESELL'S valuable contributions to the field of mental growth and developmental norms in infancy need no introduction. The present work by Gesell and three associates is the result of cumulative observations carried out over a period of ten years, on eighty-four infants and children. A wide diversity of cases, mostly typical and touching many aspects of child psychology, is to be found in this study. The primary aim of the authors is to assess the prognostic value of the normative criteria used at the Yale Clinic of Child Development. The book is carefully written and may be recommended to psychologists in Great Britain.

    Biographies of Child Development

    The Mental Growth Careers of Eighty-four Infants and Children; a Ten-Year Study from the Clinic of Child Development at Yale University. Part 1, by Dr. Arnold Gesell.; Part 2, by Dr. Catherine S. Amatruda, Dr. Burton M. Castner, Dr. Helen Thompson. Pp. xvii + 328. (London: Hamish Hamilton, Ltd., 1939.) 15s.

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