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AMONG the most important applications of science in commercial engineering is sound-films, and the Radio Corporation of America, which has the services of the authors in high executive capacity, has always shown initiative and independence of the Western Electric, its major competitor, in improving sound recording and reproduction both as a whole and on the scale demanded by cinema-goers. The new edition is a somewhat expanded version of the first edition, with the necessary sections brought up to date. The text is most readable and remains the best summary of technical applications of what was long considered to be an academic scientific subject. The side-issues are many, including the measurement of noise, the control of transmission of sound vibrations through building structure, much physiological acoustics, and sound-signalling. The print and diagrams are both excellent.

Applied Acoustics


Harry F.




By. Second edition. Pp. xviii + 494. (London: Constable and Co., Ltd., 1939.) 25s. net.


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