Scientific Workers and the Armed Forces


    THE Ministry of Labour and National Service announces that the operation of the Schedule of Reserved Occupations is being relaxed to enable men at or above the age of reservation in scientific occupations to volunteer in approved cases for service in the Forces. Such men have previously been able to join the Forces in their professional capacity, and the present relaxation of the schedule is designed to enable those whose services are not required in a professional capacity in the Forces or as civilians to volunteer for other forms of service. To secure that scientific workers shall not be withdrawn from civil work to the detriment of the national interest, and that an adequate reserve of scientific workers is maintained for essential services, the Scientific Research Committee of the Central Register Advisory Council will consider applications from volunteers with the view of ensuring that relaxation is granted only in suitable cases. Any reserved scientific worker who wishes to volunteer should apply to the Ministry of Labour and National Service (National Service Department), Montagu House, Whitehall, S.W.1.

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    Scientific Workers and the Armed Forces. Nature 145, 61 (1940).

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