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    THE Association for the Study of Systematics in Relation to General Biology was formed in 1937 (see NATURE, 141, 163; 1937: 142, 1069; 1938). Up to the present, the organization of the Association has been deliberately kept as loose as possible, and there has been no subscription. In a leaflet recently issued it is announced that the annual subscription is now five shillings. Further, a fund has been started to provide for expenditure on special purposes. Donors of £5 or more to this fund during the next three years will be designated founder members, and will enjoy for life the privileges of ordinary members. The leaflet also outlines the work so far carried out by the Association. It is hoped that all present members will continue on the new terms and that other biologists will find themselves in sympathy with the aims of the Association. Copies of the leaflet, with forms of application for membership, can be obtained from Mr. H. W. Parker, British Museum (Natural History), Cromwell Road, or from Mr. J. S. L. Gilmour, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Surrey.

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