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    THE first numbers of two new scientific journals have been received. (1) Anais da Faculdade de Medicina de Porto Alegre, Universidade de Porto Alegre, Brazil, Fasc. 1, pp. 1-303. This is handsomely produced and well illustrated, and the papers, in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, German or English, have summaries in French, German and/or English. It opens with an account of the medical centre of the University, and contains papers, among others, on detachment of the retina (Arruga), hereditary ophthalmic diseases (Meyer), and feminine types (Gomes). (2) Anales de la Escuela National de Ciencias Biologicas, Mexico, vol. 1, No. I, pp. 1-178. This also is well produced and illustrated, and contains articles in Spanish on the cultivation of Rickettsia of typhus fever (Siegfried), histology of the poison gland of a spider, Crypsidromus (Ancona), calcium chloride in the treatment of scorpion poisoning (Varela), a new species of Phlebotomus (Dampf) and some Mexican textile fibres (Huerta and Ancona) and others. Summaries in English and German are provided. In both journals, the printed matter on a page measures about 8 in. x 5 in.

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