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J Chr Fabricius Systema Glossatorum


THE “Systema Glossatorum” was the last work A of the great Danish taxonomist, J. Chr. Fabricius, and is of fundamental importance to those who are concerned with the nomenclature of butter flies. It is, furthermore, a publication of the greatest rarity, and apparently only two examples exist of the original hi the Lathi language (1807). The present work reproduces in facsimile the original text of Fabricius, which is thus now rendered accessible to all and sundry who are concerned with taxonomy. As supplements there are also included facsimile reproductions of Illiger's “Gattungs-Eintheilung der Schmetterlinge” and Fabricius's brief Rechenschafi of his classification of Glossata.

J. Chr. Fabricius Systema Glossatorum

Im Anhang: K. Illiger., Die neueste Gattungs-Eintheilung der Schmetterlinge aus den Linnéischen Gattungen Papilio und Sphinx; J. Chr. Fabricius, Rechenschaft an das Publicum über seine Classification der Glossaten. Herausgegeben von Felix Bryk. (Sammlung naturwissenschaftlicher Facsimile-Drucke, Band 1.) Pp. xii + 112 + 13 + 4. (Neubrandenburg: Gustav Feller, 1938.)


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I., A. J Chr Fabricius Systema Glossatorum. Nature 143, 784 (1939).

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