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Education in a Democracy

Nature volume 143, pages 615617 (15 April 1939) | Download Citation



A HOPEFUL effect of the challenge thrown down to democracy in the crisis of September last and in the events which have followed is the turning back to the beliefs and principles upon which our liberties are founded, and which are our justification for holding them and the frank facing of the issues involved. Men are freely recognizing that if the democracies are to withstand the challenge of the totalitarian regimes, with their threat to so much of the noblest in our heritage, it can only be as they prove themselves inherently superior and able by force of example as well as precept to check the ruthless doctrines which threaten alike the peace of the nations and the liberties of individuals. The survival of democracy depends on its ability to make constructive contributions in the present and future, not merely on its achievements in the past.

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