Meteorology for Airmen in India

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    A PAMPHLET of the India Meteorological Department, having the title “Meteorological Organisation for Airmen”, brings up to date the information required by airmen in India who wish to take advantage of available information about actual and expected weather on the various aviation routes in that country. There are several classes of meteorological station in the organization that is concerned with meeting the demands of aviation, of which the most important are the forecasting centres where synoptic weather charts are prepared twice a day, namely, for civil aviation (Karachi, Calcutta and Poona), and for military aviation (Karachi and Peshawar). The India Meteorological Department is responsible for the aviation weather service on the trans-India route from the Gulf of Oman to Akyab, as well as along other internal air routes in India. The positions of the four types of meteorological station more directly concerned with the supply of information-the civil and military forecasting centres, the pilot balloon stations where the winds aloft are measured, and the aeronautical wireless stations—are clearly shown on a folding map. The codes for transmitting information about the weather have become more numerous in the course of years, in proportion as the information required has become more detailed and precise, and practically the whole of this pamphlet is taken up with them. Attention is directed in a foreword to a change instituted on July 1, 1937, which resulted from the establishment of an independent meteorological service in Burma. From that date the Calcutta Meteorological Office ceased to issue weather reports and forecasts for air routes in Burma and the ‘general inference’ for the Rangoon-Bangkok section, these being taken over by the Meteorological Office at Rangoon, but it has continued to issue reports and forecasts for the Caleutta-Akyab route.

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