Plaque in Memory of Edward Clodd

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    THOSE who knew Edward Clodd personally and the multitude who were instructed by his numerous books and articles will welcome the placing of a plaque on June 15 on Strafford House, his Aldeburgh home during 1889-1930. It was here that he kept his library, where he spent all his spare time, and to which he retired. Strafford House recalls many pleasant and stimulating occasions to those who were privileged to be Clodd's guests. Throughout a long period Clodd invited mixed gatherings of men of very varied interests-literary men who had made their mark in different ways; leading men in other departments of learning, law, history, economics, and politics; administrators of Protectorates, Colonies, and the like; men who had come to the front rank in chemistry and physics, biology, anthropology, and archaeology. Any particular gathering contained representatives of some of these intellectual activities, each of whom blossomed out under the hospitality of the genial host, whose far-reaching interests embraced most aspects of the humanities and sciences. Not only were the talks and discussions memorable, but also the walks and especially trips in the little yacht the Lotus, where Clodd busied himself with sailing and in ministering personally to the material needs of his guests. Strafford House thus became a pleasant meeting place for men and women of varied pursuits and was a transient intellectual centre that had a definite social value for some forty years.

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