An Oxford Expedition to Peru

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    THREE members of the Geology Department of the University of Oxford, Dr. J. V. Harrison (Christ Church), Mr. J. D. Weir (University College), and Mr. C. H. Kearny (Queen's College) and Mr. M. H. Donald are leaving on June 17 for Peru to study and map the geology of a part of the Central Andes of Peru, a triangular area the apices of which are Tarma, Cerro de Pasco, and Canta, the centre being about eighty miles north-east of Lima. Besides doing the work of mapping and survey, the expedition will collect fossils and specimens of rocks from this region for the British Museum. Dr. Harrison has a wide knowledge of Peru. Mr. Weir, a Rhodes scholar from the University of Saskatoon, has served two summers with the Canadian Geological Survey and Mr. Kearny, a Rhodes scholar from Princeton, has collected archaeological material in north-western Mexico. Mr. Donald of Cumberland has previously collected for the British Museum. How much this expedition will do depends largely upon the weather it experiences. In the high altitudes where it will be, the weather in August and September is capricious and may be very stormy. The plans have been approved by the Royal Geographical Society. The expedition hopes to return to Oxford in October.

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    An Oxford Expedition to Peru. Nature 143, 1015 (1939) doi:10.1038/1431015b0

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