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WE regret to announce the death, after a brief illness, of Dr. Jacob Goodale Lipman, the well-known director of the New Jersey Experiment Station, New Brunswick, N.J. Dr. Lipman was born in Friedrich-stadt, Russia (now in Latvia), on November 18, 1874, and received his early education first in Moscow and later in the gymnasium of Orenburg. In 1888 his family emigrated to the United States and soon settled on a farm at Woodbine, New Jersey. Here he became interested in agriculture and the scientific principles underlying it, and when in 1894 he entered Rutgers College, he came under the influence of Prof. E. V. Voorhees, one of the earlier American leaders in research on soils and fertilizers. He proceeded to Cornell University for advanced training in chemistry and bacteriology, and in 1901 was appointed to the Agricultural Experiment Station at New Jersey in charge of the Department of Soil Chemistry and Bacteriology. Shortly afterwards he was appointed, first instructor and afterwards professor, in agricultural chemistry at the neighbouring Rutgers College. His whole life was spent between the two institutions, and in 1911 he became director of the Experiment Station.

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