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London Scientific Film Society

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THE proposed formation of a scientific film society, which would give shows of scientific documentary films to its members and their guests, was announced in NATURE of June 4. Such a society has now been formed, under the name of the London Scientific Film Society, and its inaugural meeting was held on October 14 at the Conway Hall. At the meeting Mr. L. V. Chilton explained how the formation of the Society was a direct result of the work of the Association of Scientific Workers on scientific films. One of the functions of the Association is the promotion of a proper understanding of science by the general public, and of what science can do for society ; the Association is therefore interested in the teaching of science and in the proper treatment of science on the screen. Mr. Arthur Elton referred to the London Film Society, which was formed eleven years ago and has had a broadening influence on the aesthetic film. He said that if the London Scientific Film Society is to be successful, it must reveal to the public both the achievements of science and the potentialities of the scientific documentary film. Such a society can do much to raise the standard of scientific accuracy of the films shown in public cinemas, and also to increase the number of scientific films shown. The first show of the Society will be held at 2.30 p.m. on Sunday, November 13, at the Academy Cinema. Particulars of the Society and forms of application for membership can be obtained from the Secretary at 28 Hogarth Road, S.W.5.

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