Recent Investigations in the Chemistry of Gold


    THE recent advances in our knowledge of the chemistry of gold have for the most part been due to investigations carried out by workers in Great Britain ; amongst others, H. Bassett, E. G. Cox, F. G. Mann, Sir Gilbert Morgan, Sir William Pope, W. Wardlaw, and their respective co-workers. This work, together with that of the president of Section B (Chemistry), Prof. C. S. Gibson, and his collaborators, which forms the topic of Prof. Gibson's presidential address, has emphasized the similarities and also the striking anomalies existing among the currency metals, copper, silver and gold, the metals of Sub-group 1 B of the Periodic Classification. These anomalies are unexplained but are, to some extent, correlated with those existing among the transitional metals.

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    Recent Investigations in the Chemistry of Gold. Nature 142, 339–340 (1938).

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