Rainfall and Tree Growth in the Great Basin


    IN recent years drought has become a major problem, in the western States, and it is important to study the variations of rainfall over as long a period as possible. In this region there are few rainfall stations with long records—scarcely any before 1871—and the author accordingly set out to supplement these with data from other sources, such as historical records of rains and droughts, crops, the levels of lakes and rivers and especially the annual growth-rings of trees

    Rainfall and Tree Growth in the Great Basin

    By Ernst Antevs. (American Geographical Society, Special Publication No. 21.) Pp. v+97+2 plates. (Washington: Carnegie Institution; New York: American Geographical Society, 1938.) n.p.

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    Rainfall and Tree Growth in the Great Basin. Nature 142, 234 (1938). https://doi.org/10.1038/142234c0

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