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The Unity Schools

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THE fifteenth Unity School was held at Jordans Hostel in Bucks, on May 20–23. The general subject was the need and the relation of philosophy to the social sciences, and an introductory address on that topic was given by Prof. Morris Ginsberg, on the evening of May 20. On May 21, Mr. F. S. Marvin introduced the central subject of "What we mean by Social Justice", and the liveliness of the discussion showed clearly how deeply the current thinking on these questions goes, and how much it needs clarification and, so far as possible, harmonization. Dr. C. H. Desch introduced the question of the comparison of our approach to truth in physical and social science, and Prof. Herbert Dingle gave a parallel statement. In particular the question was raised, and viewed from several angles, of whether it is possible in social science properly to speak of a scientific experiment. On May 22, Prof. J. H. Muirhead gave a carefully prepared and moving discourse on the place of the State in relation to right and justice, with the title, "State Law and Individual Morality". The programme, as originally drawn up, was concluded on the Sunday evening by a historical review by Dr. A. J. Carlyle of the various larger subjects which had occurred in the earlier debates—justice, law, sovereignty and the freedom and equality of men—mainly as they are treated in the codes and writings of Greeks, Roman jurists and medieval thinkers. In view of the great success and obvious usefulness of such gatherings, the possibility of extending them to a larger number of people, more frequent occasions and a still wider expanse of subjects is being considered. Further information on the Unity Schools can be obtained from Mr. F. S. Marvin, Pantiles, Coneydale, Welwyn Garden City, Herts.

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