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    Enzymologia, the new journal edited by Prof. Carl Oppenheimer, devotes its entire third and fourth volumes, 568 pages in all, to commemorate the sixtieth birthday of Carl Neuberg, which took place on July 29, 1937 (Vol. 3. Neuberg-Festschrift, Teil 1. Pp. xiv+300+5 plates. Vol. 4. Neuberg-Festschrift, Teil 2. Pp. viii+268+9 plates. Den Haag: Dr. W. Junk, 1937. 15 florins each). No fewer than 87 papers by nearly twice that number of colleagues are contributed in honour of Neuberg, all dealing with some branch of the ever-widening enzyme question. It may be recorded that in the course of his forty years activity, he and his students have published 1,000 papers, whilst not the least of his services to his chosen science has been his editorship of the Bio-chemische Zeitschrift, which he founded in 1906 and produced 280 volumes by 1936. The numerical introduction we have given indicates a perfect spate of research and publication far too great to be properly assimilated by any one reader, though it is scarcely necessary to emphasize that Neuberg has to his reputation achievements of outstanding quality, notably his work on fermentation. The writer well remembers him working as a student of A. Wohl in Emil Fischer's laboratory in 1900 onwards, when Neuberg was also acting as assistant to Ernst Salkowski in the pathological institute of the University of Berlin, and may be allowed to use this opportunity to offer him also the congratulations of his English colleagues. Neuberg followed Wassermann in 1920 as director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Biochemistry in Berlin-Dahlem and has carried out all his work there until he retired last year. He made this institute an outstanding centre of research activity and attracted workers of all countries to it.

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