Lubrication and Lubricants


UNDER the auspices of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, in collaboration with some forty-five other technical institutions and societies, a general discussion on lubrication and lubricants was held in London on October 13–15. The discussion centred around more than a hundred papers contributed by leading authorities throughout the world: the meetings were extremely well attended and the essential objects of the promoters—to review the present state of knowledge and to discuss the major problems of lubrication and lubricants—were attained with a considerable degree of success. Much valuable and interesting information and data were made available, while pleasing evidence was afforded of the great amount of research attention now being given to every aspect of lubrication, also of the growing concern and interest in its problems shown by designers and operating engineers. Not the least valuable feature of the discussion was the interest in, and the divergence of views on, certain fundamental aspects, which will undoubtedly stimulate further research in this field.

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