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Isotopes of Strontium

Nature volume 140, pages 475476 (11 September 1937) | Download Citation



WORK on the isotopes of strontium has recently been reported by Mattauch, and by Hahn and co-workers. Mattauch (Naturwiss., 25, 170 ; 1937) has determined the packing fractions of the isotopes 86Sr and 87Sr by the doublet method, using 29SiF3 and 30SiF3, respectively, for comparison. Using the data of other workers for the masses of 29Si and 30Si, the packing fraction of 87Sr is found to be –8·7 ± 0·3, and its mass 86·9243 ± 0·004. The packing fraction of 86Sr is – 9·0 ± 0·5, and its mass 85·9226 ± 0·004.

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