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Speleological Conference at Bristol


    FURTHER particulars of the second annual conference of the British Speleological Association to be held at Bristol on July 23–26 next (see NATURE, May 29, p. 919) are now available in the advance programme which has been issued. Through the hospitality of the University of Bristol the conference and exhibition will be held in the Great Hall of the University. The exhibition will include contributions from nearly all the important caves in the world, as well as some unique illuminated transparent photographs. Probably the largest and most valuable collection of 'Blue John' will be exhibited. On the evening of July 24 an illustrated public lecture will be delivered by the Abb4 Breuil on some aspects of the French and Spanish caves. Among the lectures announced is a brief account by Mr. C. R. Hewer of some of the caves to be visited on the Continental tour on July 27–August 7 when members will have the opportunity of visiting caves not as a rule accessible to the public. At Nurnberg, after a visit to the Museum for Prehistory, the party will proceed to Teufelshohle, Maximiliansgrotte, and other caves of archaeological, geological and palseontological importance at Pottenstein, where also a mesolithic cave shelter has been especially excavated for the visit by the "Gaukulturamt". At Brno, Czechoslovakia, Prof. C. Absolon will conduct the party over the Museum, with its unique collection of archaeological finds from the Moravian caves, which include remarkable examples of palaeolithic plastic art; and in the afternoon of the same day the caves, which are the centre of the great mammoth hunters' culture of Moravia, will be visited. Passing through Vienna the party will proceed to the famous 'Drachen-hohle' from Mixnitz, the Lower Lurhohle from Peggau and the Eisriesenwelt—ice cave from Werfen, the last place of call being Salzburg.

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