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Another Double Star Process giving Very Fast Particles

Nature volume 139, pages 245246 (06 February 1937) | Download Citation



IN a recent letter1 I pointed out that in order to explain the energies found in cosmic radiation it is necessary to introduce only one hypothesis: that the components of the double stars are magnetic dipoles (as the earth and the sun). Then a rotating double star acts as a cyclotron. A more detailed calculation2 shows that energies of 1010 or 1011 (perhaps 1012) electron volts are attainable, but as the accelerating process is rather complicated it seems unlikely that it can be responsible for the total intensity of cosmic radiation. Therefore it may be of interest to point out that there are also—other and more simple—double star processes which are able to give high-energy particles.


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  1. Physics Laboratory, Uppsala. Dec. 18.



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