The McCoy Society's Expedition to Lady Julia Percy Island


THE complete ecological survey of Lady Julia Percy Island was the first enterprise undertaken (in January 1936) by the McCoy Society for Field Investigation and Research. The McCoy Society was founded and organized by students of the University of Melbourne during 1935; and Lady Julia Percy Island lies off the coast of western Victoria (38° 24′ S., 142° E.). The island is separated from the mainland by a channel some five miles wide, and with as much as twenty fathoms of water intervening between it and the coast of Victoria to the west of Port Fairy (Fig. 1). The island is uninhabited, though various unsuccessful enterprises have at one time or another attempted to exploit it for grazing, for pig raising, or as a source of guano. It is more than 100 feet high, sheer on all sides, save for a precarious landing to the north, and is flat and exposed to all winds on its elevated plateau.


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