Schlacke und Vitamine


THAT anyone should be able to write some 250 pages on vitamins and roughage, in relation to the treatment of disease, is in itself surprising. When, however, we consider the author's name along with the facts that his book is published in Leipzig and Vienna and that he describes himself as of Buenos Ayres, we turn with some curiosity to see what it is all about, noting in passing that the dedication (to the author's wife) appears on a page headed by a text from Houston Stewart Chamberlain.

Schlacke und Vitamine:

die Schlackenkost als Behandlungsweg bei Krank-heitszuständen. Von Prof. Dr. Hugo Salomon. Pp. vii + 263. (Leipzig und Wien: Franz Deuticke, 1936.) 12 gold marks.


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B., A. Schlacke und Vitamine. Nature 138, 905 (1936).

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