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SINCE writing the foregoing letter, we have obtained evidence for the correctness of the explanation there suggested of the apparent lack of electronic doubling in the lower state of SiBr. Some time ago we obtained spectrograms in the Hilger E 1 instrument of a heavy-current tube-discharge through SiBr4 vapour in order to see whether an alternative to Miescher's arrangement (loc. cit.) of the SiBr band-system was possible. Miescher's analysis was confirmed, but several of the band-heads were found to have a companion, about 4 cm.1 towards the red, which he did not record. The additional heads could not be included in Miescher's analysis or be explained as a Br isotope effect or be ignored. It now appears that they constitute a fragment (including 1 0, 0 0 and 0 1 band-heads) of the expected subsystem, and are accounted for by the smaller of the two independent coefficients in the following provisional formula for the whole system,


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