Sammlung chemischer und chemischtechnischer Vor-träge


    THE mode of representing the structure of the important class of the azoxy-compounds has recently undergone a change, based originally on chemical evidence provided by Angeli, and confirmed by the isolation of optically active substances by Marvel and E. Miiller. The new formulation is a consequence also of the physical properties of the substances. The present monograph sets out clearly and accurately the grounds for the present representation of the structure of the azoxy-compounds, with full references to the literature. It is a useful contribution to the literature on the organic chemistry of nitrogen.

    Sammlung chemischer und chemischtechnischer Vor-träge

    Begründet von F. B. Ahrens. Herausgegeben von Prof. Dr. R. Pummerer-Erlangen. Neue Folge Heft 33: Die Azoxyverbindungen: eine Monographie. Von Dr. Eugen Müller. Pp.40. (Stuttgart: Ferdinand Enke, 1936.) 3.40 gold marks.

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