Grundzüge der Vererbungslehre


    THIS is a simply stated introduction to Mendelian inheritance with a biological background. Early chapters deal with cell and nucleus, egg and sperm, fertilization, genotype and phenotype, race and species: “Unter einer Rasse verstehen wir eine Gruppe von Individuen (Pflanzen, Tieren oder Menschen), die in ihren wesentlichen Erbanlagen ubereinstimmen”. The Mendelian laws are expounded, as well as sex determination, recombinations, linkage, and the basis of these phenomena in the chromosomes. The last two chapters give a short survey of heredity in man. The account is clear but occasionally oversimplified, as in the statement that there are two pairs of factors for eye-colour and three for skin-colour in man.

    Grundzüge der Vererbungslehre

    Prof. Dr.



    Von. Pp. viii + 143. (Leipzig: S. Hirzel, 1935.) 5 gold marks.

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