Handbuch der Geophysik


DR. LAMBERT'S account of the variation of latitude is good, but a little too brief. Ansel on the theory of the gravitational field is mostly excellent, and so is Heiskanen on observations of gravity, pendulum deflections, and isostasy. Ansel claims to have detected an algebraical error in Darwin's theory of the figure of the earth, which affects the sign of the term in sin2 29, and he is apparently supported by Heiskanen. Here I think Darwin is right. One misses an account of the important work of de Sitter and his colleagues. Such omissions, however, are very few. These parts complete vol. 1 of the “Handbuch”; vols. 2 and 4 are already complete.

Handbuch der Geophysik

Prof. Dr.



Herausgegeben von. Band 1, Lief. 3: Breitenschwankungen, von Prof. Walter D. Lambert; Theorie des irdischen Schwerefeldes, von Prof. E. A. Ansel. Pp. iv + 501 730. Lief. 4 (Schluss des Bandes): Beobachtung der Schwerkraft; Die Lotabweichungen; Das Problem der Isostasie. Von Prof. Dr. W. Heiskanen. Pp. 731-970 + xv. (Berlin: Gebruder Borntraeger, 1934, 1936.) 31 gold marks each part.


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